Do obey all traffic laws.

Do be as visible as possible.

Do be certain your bike is in safe riding condition.  

Do wear your helmet while riding, always.   

Don’t wear earbuds while riding, ever.   

Do keep music volume low (i.e. your personal level) if riding with a sound system on a group ride.

Do signal for right and left turns, and when slowing and stopping

Do call out and point to road hazards.   

Don’t weave.    

Do always hold your line when riding in a group.   

Do ride in the same direction as traffic.   

Do ride as far to the right of the road as safely possible.      

Do take the lane if safe to do so and there is no bike lane or shoulder.

Do move as far to the right as safely possible when riding slower than the speed of traffic when five or more cars are following from behind.      

Do stop at stop signs and red lights.

Do be courteous, respectful to other cyclists, drivers; yield to pedestrians and equestrians.

Do ride single file, two abreast only when safe.

Do only pass other cyclists and pedestrians on the left, calling out “on your left” and only when safe to do so.

Don’t use aero bars on group rides.

Do approach and cross railroad tracks as perpendicular as possible to the tracks, dismount and walk across if in doubt.


  • Do ride in pacelines only if highly experienced and have superior bike handling skills
  • Do only join if invited into the paceline
  • Don’t overlap wheels
  • Don’t paceline on a descent
  • Don’t paceline in high traffic areas
  • Don’t paceline in a bike lane or on a bike path
  • Do, for the safety and courtesy of all, leave the paceline if asked to do so by the group

Do leave safe spacing between you, pedestrians, other cyclists and traffic.

Do know and ride your limits.

Do ride in control.

Do always ride predictably, defensively and responsibly.

Do summons SAG if feeling ill, cannot find your way back on course or have a mechanical problem not easily corrected.